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Nov 25, 2021

Challenge to Inspire Young Londoners expo


The Mayor of London and TV presenter George Clarke have launching the ‘Design Future London’ challenge, for young people to create homes and places of the future. This is a London-wide challenge aimed at people aged 11-25, with the task to design an innovative and inspirational green home and urban neighbourhood in the Royal Docks, East London close to where City Hall will be moving in 2022.

As part of the challenge,  Year 10 students from Mayesbrook Park School,  Erkenwald campus attended the recent Design Challenge to Inspire Young Londoners expo at London Olympia exhibition centre.

Said one student from Erkenwald campus: ‘The trip to London Olympia was fun and exciting.  We had so much fun and enjoyment throughout the day. We enjoyed the talk at MOBIE ( Ministry of Building, Innovation and Education). We also enjoyed the company of our peers and team members, outside the school. If we all had another chance, we would go again. Seeing all these exciting projects and innovations, made us excited to continue with our project’.