Art Curriculum


Within Art we try and encourage several qualities and life skills which will help them develop as young people.

The curriculum delivered will incorporate activities which allow students to build upon their existing resilience and patience. The ability to reflect and be critical about their own practice but also to be able to celebrate successes they have had in Art with regards to the work they have produced. To develop perseverance to complete a piece of work over a specific period of time. 

From a technical point of view we encourage control and the ability to embrace each new technique introduced, to respond positively to challenges and difficult tasks set. We engage with parents on a regular basis via phone calls home, parents evenings and through the use of In Touch.


KS3 Art is delivered at MPS in a 6/7 week theme based project. KS4 is delivered in 12 week units based on a variety of themes. Lessons are 55 minutes and are planned to enable a balance between student’s practical work, teacher demonstrations and time for pupils to reflect on their practice. Teacher leads supportive discussions with students to gauge difficulties with their current work. Literacy and Numeracy activities incorporating subject specific terminology are also used within lessons.

Catch up and online learning

Over the course of the next academic year, our Art lessons (supplemented by consistent blended learning opportunities), will provide students the time to secure knowledge in how to communicate, record and create. They will be provided the time to develop mastery in several different mediums, creating different outcomes using the same medium. Students will have a varied experience in how to react to different stimuli.

They will develop and practice in both 2D and 3D responses. Our schemes of work will be rooted in historical and/or cultural contexts, providing our students with the opportunity to make connections and directly respond to the themes covered.


I would hope that through a positive experience in Art that students take certain skills and attributes which they have acquired over time and are able to transfer these to other subject lessons where they may need to improve areas of their knowledge or behaviour.

Students develop a sense of pride with their sketchbooks and larger responses. This in turn allows them to feel a sense of achievement and success within this subject.

Leadership and positive modelling opportunities are created through students' subject knowledge and confident handling skills.

In a wider context, they will be more aware of their local and global environments through the themes covered and trip experiences. Building on and developing their understanding of cultural capital. Through developing their resilience and confidence we provide a solid platform in which our students can pursue and maintain their places in further education.

Year 11 results

Awarding Body: ABC Awards 

83%   9-4
100% 9-1

50% 9-4
100% 9-1