History Curriculum


Students at all campuses study History at KS3 and KS4 level (GCSE). We expose our students to an array of topics and themes that paint a worldly and inclusive view of society. Our global history lessons cover themes such as equality, civil liberties and women’s rights. Plus, we consistently encourage independent learning, critical thinking and debate during each lesson. 

From the early stages of KS3,  students are taught the core historical skills of source analysis, interpretations, chronology  and causation. This way of teaching prepares the students for the GCSE exams that rely on candidates having the ability to meet the assessment objectives (AOs). 

New arrivals

All students are fully supported to ensure that they can make adequate steps to catch- up on the curriculum. Teachers and the LSPs take the time to meet with students to bring them up-to-date with the history content being studied in each class. 


Differentiated history lessons are taught weekly to all students across the 3 sites with Ms Mason leading as the subject specialist. Students have access to high-quality classroom teaching as well as online resources and external support (e.g. Tute lessons).

Catch up-KS3 - effects of the pandemic 

When reviewing the curriculum offered to students at KS3 and 4, it was vital to consider what the students have experienced during the past 18 months including the pandemic, Black Lives Matter movement, Everyone’s Invited website and the Afghanistan crisis.  The Humanities team also looked at the recommendations from OFSTED to help support KS3 students as well as the July 21’ MIND report about young people’s mental health. 

We have introduced a new scheme of work called Britain and Identity  with the key learning question  To what extent is Britain a successful ‘Melting Pot’?  This topic will cover the history of Britain’s diverse culture and the significant historical events that have shaped our society. This SoW is deliberately linked to the GCSE topic USA 1910-29  and based on OFSTED’s recommendations to offer:

  • A wider range of historical periods to study 
  • Subjects with chronological relationships between different periods/ events
  • Lessons that teach students how to construct historical arguments
  • Lessons that introduce students to sources and evidence (ready for the GCSEs in year 10)


History is a subject that impacts on students both academically and socially.  We expect all students to make good progress each half-term as this builds their confidence and happiness in school. 

Students that are not making progress will be given extra  support such as interventions or Tute lessons. We will also collaborate with other subject teachers to address any gaps in learning and to remove any barriers. 

Students are regularly assessed through a variety of measures e.g. quizzes, peer assessments, mocks etc.. They are also given 1 major assessment each half-term that is ‘deep marked’ against GCSE Assessment Objectives (AOs).

Students at MPC have an opportunity to provide feedback to theirs and inform the curriculum that they are being taught. Teacher and pupil dialogue is of paramount importance. 

Year 11 results 2021

Exam board: Edexcel Pearsons
100%  1-8 grade 


9 students

2019 results

1-5 grade 29%