Music Curriculum



The music curriculum at MPS is designed for students to be exposed to a creative curriculum whilst they also learn useful life skills such as: focus, creativity, communication skills, dedication, perseverance, confidence, collaboration, resilience and determination. This empowers students to build on musical knowledge and skills including performing, composing, recording and appraising.

We pride ourselves in providing unique learning experiences for our young people to expand their horizon and give them the opportunity to learn, grow, and share ideas with others during musical activities, African drumming workshops, events, trips AQA Unit Award and the Level 2 NCFE qualification.

We aim to make our music curriculum as cross curricular as possible by encouraging students to use the knowledge and skills they are acquiring in other subjects to help support their learning of music. For example the use of literacy skills to write reviews/lyrics and mathematics in counting bars, beats alongside composition and timings.  Parents evenings, phone calls and In Touch ensure that parents are kept informed.


Our bespoke music curriculum is guided by the NCFE qualification framework and encourages in the students’ knowledge of current and relevant music to engage and stimulate students ‘love for learning’. By developing a meaningful teacher- student relationship we are able to engage students through music production and other resources.

We use a combination of composing, performing, and listening which are all key aspects of musical knowledge, skills, and understanding to build an awareness of music technology. Through a variety of topics the students are then able to build on their knowledge and are able to recognise different genres and styles of music. We aim to develop independent learning, understanding personal, social, intellectual and cultural development.

Catch-up - As part of blended learning, a sequence of lessons will be available to support students in class as well as those working remotely. Online resources are structured to maintain students' well-being and to keep them stimulated. Students will be able to access learning remotely via the Google classroom app and hard copies. Learning will be project based to encourage participation and engagement whilst still allowing them to develop musical skills, independent thinking skills and IT skills. These options will provide opportunities to collect evidence for half-termly assessments and Level 2 NCFE assessments.

Implementation of blended learning - To focus on technical knowledge and skills through performances and collaborative work that students are unable to access through remote learning, to further develop and engage students through the use of extra-curricular opportunities, formative and summative assessments to establish where the gaps in learning are and continue to use the remote learning platform to deliver targeted homework/self-regulated study. 


Our aim is that all students participating in music will be engaged and inspired to develop a ‘love of music’ and their talent as musicians, and to increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. 

We believe music has the potential to have a profound impact on students’ development by promoting cultural capital, increasing confidence and self-esteem, developing leadership, team working, concentration and problem-solving skill all of which help with successful transitions post-16 and develop identity and improving social cohesion within the school and wider community. 

Students will build skills on taking an active role and interaction in their learning to become better independent learners. These attributes all enhance their opportunities for further education and employability. Additionally we hope to provide access to learning by improving student’s subject knowledge, hand-eye coordination, develop motor skills, make the learning relatable, challenge and support the needs of each individual. 

Year 11 results

Awarding body: NCFE Level 2 Qualification


100%  14 students in total


100% students entered

11 in total

AQA Unit Award Scheme is also delivered