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Jul 7, 2021

Mayesbrook students with designs on a career in architecture


A visit by Mayesbrook Park students to the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in central London in early July gave them the opportunity to learn about architecture and create their own designs which will be constructed on a larger scale in Regent’s Park this autumn.

The visit was part of a collaborative programme between RIBA, Mayesbrook, London Metropolitan University and social enterprise POoR Collective (which works to develop communities by empowering young people).

Mayesbrook Park was the first school group to visit RIBA's prestigious headquarters post-Covid, and the students started their day with a tour, a chance to be inspired by the building’s stunning light, space and textiles. They then took an immersive walk through the history of architecture using virtual-reality headsets, before heading to a workshop to learn paper-modelling techniques and create innovative 3D models.

'Our school motto is ‘Nurturing and empowering our students to make positive choices’, and I believe our relationship with the RIBA education programme reflects this,' explains Suresh Singh, Mayesbrook’s curriculum lead for Maths. 'The project has helped our students identify possible routes into higher education in the arts, architecture and beyond.' The students have been inspired by their visit to RIBA: Nicky in Year 10 said: 'I love this project and want to pursue a career in architecture', while Saddiqa, also in Year 10, said: 'I’ve enjoyed doing the drawing and Maths to work out my designs; it’s made me understand architecture more.'

 'The students have been bold and fearless in their designs,' Suresh adds, 'and we are all looking forward to seeing the project come to life in Regent's Park later in the year.'

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